Urban Veda

Urban Veda is an ethical skincare brand inspired by the ancient Indian principles of Ayurveda. The 4 ranges are designed to target different skin types or ‘dosha’ derived from the physical and emotional tendencies of the mind and body. The products are formulated using natural ingredients like herbs, flowers, and fruits alongside actives and antioxidants to help maintain the skin’s natural balance leaving it less vulnerable to dehydration, dullness, and other skin concerns.

Urban Veda (20)

Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish 125ml
Purifying Hydrating Toner 150ml
Radiance Daily Facial Wash 150ml
Radiance Day Cream 50ml
Radiance Facial Oil 30ml
Purifying Protecting Night Cream 50ml
Reviving Facial Oil 30ml
Soothing Day Cream 50ml
Purifying Day Cream 50ml
Purifying Facial Oil 30ml
Soothing Clarifying Night Cream 50ml
Soothing Daily Facial Wash 150ml
Radiance Replenishing Night Cream 50ml
Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish 125ml
Reviving Hydrating Toner 150ml
Soothing Hydrating Toner 150ml
Reviving Exfoliating Facial Polish 125ml
Soothing Facial Oil 30ml
Reviving Daily Facial Wash 150ml
Reviving Renewal Night Cream 50ml

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