Rodial is a groundbreaking beauty, produce niche products for targeted skin treatments for specific concerns. Her skincare range focuses on providing instant results and long-lasting benefits by means of high performance and innovative ingredients that address common concerns ranging from dehydration to aging.

Rodial (18)

Vit C Drops 30ml
Pink Diamond Magic Day Gel 50ml
Vit C SPF Moisturiser 40ml
Pink Diamond Magic Gel Night 50ml
Pink Diamond Masks Individual
Dragons Blood Cleansing Water 300ml
Booster Drops - Collagen 30ml
Dragons Blood Eye Masks x8
Snake Bubble Masks x8
Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm 100ml
Vit C Brightening Cleanser 135ml
Booster Drops - Glycolic 30ml
Dragons Blood Eye Gel 15ml
Vit C Brightening Sheet Mask x4
SAVE 25%
Vit C Brightening Sheet Mask Individual
Snake Bubble Masks Individual

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