Enhance your own natural skin with a curation of bath & body products made from natural and sustainable ingredients. From skincare to hair care, it's all-natural. Mitra's believes that nature is perfect in its simplicity, and our earth provides us exactly what we need to maintain good health and beautiful, vibrant skin.

Mitra's (31)

Cucumber Mint Body Wash
Mango Body Oil
Lemongrass Body Oil
Neon Green Face Cloth
Yellow Face Cloth
Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub 226g
Mango Foaming Body Scrub 226g
Blue Face Cloth
Arabian Shea Box- Oud
Charcoal Facial Cleanser 4oz
Orange Face Cloth
Pure Organic Face Oil 1oz
lavender Body Oil
Oud Ginger Facial Cleanser 4oz
Arabian Shea Box- Rose
Lavender Foaming Body Scrub 226g
Cucumber Mint Foaming Body Scrub 226g
Guava Goji Body Wash
Pure Argan face Oil 1oz
Red Face Cloth
Guava Body Goji Oil
Pink Face Cloth
Purple Face Cloth
Lemongrass Body Wash
Cucumber Body Mint Oil
Guava Goji Foaming Body Scrub 226g
Beard Oil 1oz
Mango Body Wash
Aqua Blue Face Cloth
Lavender Body Wash
Nourishing Shampoo

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