Burberry is a luxury fashion house, founded in 1856. Known for their iconic fragrances that complement their apparel's many qualities: timeless, long-lasting, and elegant.

Burberry (16)

Her For Women Spray  Eau de Parfum
Hero Eau de Toilette for Men
335 AED - 450 AED
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Mr Burberry Eau De Toilette
320 AED - 500 AED
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Mr. Burberry Element Eau De Toilette
My Burberry Blush  Eau de Parfum
Mr. Burberry Indigo Eau De Toilette
My Burberry Eau De Toilette
Her London Dream  Eau de Parfum
 For Him & Her Value Set
Mr. Burberry  Eau de Parfum
My Burberry Black  Eau de Parfum
Brit Rhythm Men Intense Eau De Toilette
My Burberry  Eau de Parfum
478 AED - 620 AED
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Burberry Her Intense  Eau de Parfum

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