The right eye shadow palette is the star of your beauty arsenal. It's been dubbed "the most adaptable product in your beauty kit" by several. You might use just one or two colors to blend for everyday wear depending on the diversity of colors in the palette, and whenever you're ready for a serious night out, date night, or just want to liven things up, you can utilize the pack's brightest colors to go for a dramatic, eye-catching appearance. So yeah, Palettes of eye shadows are a makeup lover's dream. Who wouldn't like to try out new things and explore unlimited possibilities?

The most difficult aspect of it all is It's always difficult to choose an eye shadow palette because you can never be too certain if it'll work. Shopping for a nice palette might be a bit of a chore with so many options to pick from. That’s why we made this list to assist those who are still trying to find that one palette to fall in love with or those who want to form a valuable addition to their collection and a guide to show you how to apply proper eyeshadow.

These palettes offer a wide variety of creamy, shimmering, matte, creamy mattes, and gel-ish textures. They are designed for every eye color whether it’s brown eyes, green eyes, or blue eyes. In addition, it provides diverse shades and tones such as high pigmentation, neutral shades and tones, shimmering shades, and even warm neutral ones.

So here are tips and tricks along with a selection of palettes that will help you with your ultimate eye shadow makeup.

Beginner tips

Before applying anything to your face, you must wash it and apply toner or moisturizer. Your skin will soak up all the nutrients. And make sure you have all the essentials eye makeup brushes. That includes a flat small brush for the application, a blending brush, and a smudge brush. Take note: if you want your eye shadow to pop or shine, just spritz a little water onto the brush and blend

How should you apply eyeshadow?

Take your palette of choice and take a flat brush and brush it onto the color of choice, tap the brush on the edge of the palette to remove excess powder and apply to the inner corner of your eyes while blending it out to the middle and the end. 

How do you apply eyeshadow using different colors

There are many techniques on how to apply eyeshadow using different shades but this technique is for more of a dramatic but classy look. You should start by putting a mid-tone shade onto your crease and blend it out in a circular motion. After that take a brush and use a deeper shade on the lid that starts from the outside of your eyes, blending it in along your nose and blend the same color onto your lower lash line. And now add another shade but darker and apply it to the outer corner of the eye and blend to your lower and upper lash line.


All Eyes On Me Palette

Start your makeup routine with a boost of hydration! Use a hydrating face primer that helps diminish the look of pores and hydrate skin in one step.

Pro Tip: The good ol’ moisturizer with a bit of color to perfect an evened-out skin tone, contains hyaluronic acid to attract moisture and shea butter to help maintain hydration. The result: a great skin tone enhancing your natural look.



Hypnose Eyeshadow Palette

 A new and improved Lancôme eyeshadow palette. It brings a big variety of colors that are highly pigmented or neutral. There are 5 different beautiful colors that are designed to help you achieve a very natural eye makeup It lasts up to 12 hours and is skin-friendly as it is ophthalmologist tested. The wonderful side of this palette is that it does not smudge or create creases.



Bright Girl Eye Shadow Palette

Show them who's bright & bossy! Add a little color to your life with these super pigmented powder eyeshadows! This palette consists of 12 highly pigmented and extremely long-lasting eyeshadows that are vegan, cruelty-free, and recyclable.



75° Warm Eye Shadow Palette

This is not your typical eye shadow, featuring inspired shades that are curated to stand out alone or seamlessly blend and layer into one another, these head-turning shadows add dimension and offer a wash of attractive, light-catching shimmer to instantly elevate any look.



Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Are you sick of looking exhausted in the morning? Are you tired of putting on eye makeup but it doesn’t always look natural? The max factor masterpiece nude eyeshadow palette is a contouring palette that has 8 individual shades, from neutral tones to dark subtle tones. Much like the naked urban decay palette, the nude eyeshadow palette is designed with a formula that delivers velvety texture, rich but subtle dark color, and great blend-ability. 



Smart cult Eyeshadow palette 

Feed your shine with our Kiko eyeshadow palette. Each shade is entangled with an advanced gel powder formula blended with pigments that give off a diamond effect. Palette with 12 blendable eyeshadows in sophisticated shades. Its design, with a large inside mirror, is ideal for makeup that's always perfect original and refined eye makeup, in a matte or shimmery finish, for eyes that stand out.


Tips for different eye colors

It may be difficult to choose the appropriate eye makeup hues for oneself, and it might make you feel overwhelmed. Look at your eye color as a simple sign of which tints would look great on you when testing out a new shade.

When you have brown eyes, purple and gold hues can brighten them up.

Draw out those baby blues with—you named it—bluer if you have blue eyes.

When you have green eyes, plum can help them stand out. Once you look closely, you'll notice that hazel eyes are brownish-green, which means you may wear any hue that complements brown or green eyes.

Mix and match between our top-selling eyeshadow palettes and keep in mind these tips and tricks on how to choose the right eyeshadow and add to the beauty bag!