You may be wondering what conscious beauty is. We see it tossed around in the beauty world rather loosely without a clear definition of what it represents. In this blog, we explain to you what Conscious beauty is and what it stands for.

A conscious beauty brand is based on values they stand by like having a selection of products that is Vegan, Free of animal testing, non-toxic, and organic. Made to provide customers with a more ethical alternative when purchasing beauty products say makeup, skincare, fragrances.

Not only does conscious beauty have a great impact on your skin, but it also promotes the protection of the environment by using sustainable and low-impact packaging to be able to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce waste. That is why, due to customer demand, as well as technology and media, manufacturing in many industries have grown more ethical and public in recent years.

It is all about prioritizing your health and the environment. There may be a lot of misinformation out there about conscious beauty, and that is why our top priority is to educate on why conscious beauty is good for you, how does it have a good impact, how do we promote conscious beauty, and what makes Faces a conscious beauty brand? Here are a few things to consider before you go all out on your next makeover.

Why Is Conscious Beauty Important?

Conscious Beauty is about discovering our own, true beauty while being mindful of our environment and ecosystem. Individuality and awareness are emphasized in this idea. It puts self-care in our minds while also ensuring that the products you're using are genuinely good for you and that the brand shares your values, such as supporting community projects, producing cruelty-free product lines, offering to pay proper wages to manufacturers, and attempting to find innovative ways to package products in environmentally friendly ways...

In the world of beauty, consciousness means being aware, meaning knowing the ingredients that are being used by beauty brands so you can take better care of your skin, while also protecting the environment. It is an important factor of true self-care.

How does FACES Promote Conscious Beauty?

Now that we understand what conscious beauty is, let’s dive into what we offer as a beauty brand that is trying to help you achieve that all-natural look while also protecting the environment.


We cannot scream it loud enough! And we mean it. In the heart of our cruelty-free principle, our products have never been tested on animals and their ingredients are animal-free.


This should come as no surprise, given our vegan introduction, but allow us to reiterate: our conscious beauty philosophy stems from our belief that our beauty shouldn’t come at a cost for other lifeforms, and in this case animals in specific. We wholeheartedly stand by this.

Organic Beauty

That is Natural beauty. This word gets tossed around too much but its essence is pretty much synonymous with organic beauty: products that are free of harmful chemicals such as pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), etc…


Another major pillar of our Conscious beauty philosophy is plastic waste; while we write this, there are 8 million tonnes of it sitting at the bottom of the ocean doing harm to all living beings under the sea. Therefore, refillable is the future, where sustainability means beauty. So remember to always use re-fillable products to minimize the impact of waste that non-re-fillable products put on the environment and reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Becoming beauty conscious is a huge step toward a healthy lifestyle. Although avoiding brand marketing tricks might be difficult, the solution is to become more aware and knowledgeable about conscious-related topics. 

What makes FACES a Conscious Beauty brand?

FACES was created with the intention of having a long-term, beneficial influence on the lives of others and on the environment. Our major goal is to assure that every decision we make as a brand in the cosmetics industry to consider the ever-evolving world is impacted by those decisions. For us, beauty is more than just skin deep. It’s not just about the quality of the things we make; it's also about the impact we have on the world.

Since we covered all the important information you need to know to be able to start your journey with conscious beauty, feel free to go to our website and check out our cruelty-free and vegan products that promote natural beauty and environmentally friendly packaging.